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Just A Little Bit About Us

Hi, We are Nate & Rhonda Powell. Before creating and managing our vacation rentals, we both had interesting and busy careers.  Nate was in the building business and my I worked in Nashville’s Music & TV Industry.  My first big job was at CBS Recording Studio, as executive secretary to the Studio Manager. After 5 years, my interest expanded from records to television. I got an Associate degree in Broadcasting and took a job with The Nashville Network (TNN).  Our first show “Nashville Now” went on air, live ~ March 7, 1983.

In the following years, I became the Production Manager for “Prime Time Country” produced by Dick Clark. The shows were broadcast live from Studio C , located adjacent to the backstage artist’s entrance to the Grand Old Opry House. One of the highlights of my career was working for Dick Clark Productions, with Mr. Clark and his son RAC Clark.

In 1990, I needed a professional builder/carpenter, that’s when I met Nate Powell. Nate was known around his community as a professional home builder and all-around “fix-it” guy. I was fortunate that he was available to help me when I started a Bed &Breakfast business in Lebanon, TN. Nate continued to help me with all aspects of my business.  After 2 years of hard work, many cups of coffee, and lots of conversation, we formed a great friendship. Nate and I complimented each other in our working relationship, too. We became life partners on the 9th of September, 1995. I was so blessed to have such a wonderfully kind, hardworking life partner.  Unfortunately, I lost him to cancer on our 22nd wedding anniversary; September 9, 2017.  His legacy lives on here.

Nate built our little home on a 6-acre portion of his family farm, where he grew up.  In 2000 we decided to create our first rental, the Magnolia Cabin. In 2004 we created Uncle Pete’s Cabin, this Civil War era cabin has quite an interesting history, beginning with Nate’s Uncle Pete. This 75 acre, old home place, has a peaceful setting with pastoral views, awesome sunsets, a variety of songbirds and abundant wildlife. We invite you to spend some time here. You’ll feel a peacefulness of spirit, and leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

Our place was chosen for scenes in Josh Turner’s video, “Find Me A Baby” in 2011.  We appeared in a couple of scenes.